One Hill After Another Cincinnati Ohio Life

Hill of Cincinnati Hiker

Life in the seven hills of Cincinnati, Ohio

On a spring day Good Friday in Mt. Adams a man hikes the hills just below Holy Cross Immaculata Church. People walk across the Roebling suspension bridge.

Roebling Bridge Walkway
Roebling Walking Commute
The Perfect Moment
Mapplethorpe – The Perfect Moment Show

Rowe Woods – Cincinnati Nature Center – Nature Photography

trail shelter rowe woods
Rowe Woods Avey Run Trail Shelter

Anderson Ferry Photography is one of my favorite subjects.

Boone 7 Sunrise
Boone 7 Sunrise

I have always enjoyed candid street photography. It can be events, or just sitting in a park watching people interact is enjoyable to capture.

Got Jesus?
Got Jesus?

Travel Photography has also become a passion at times. We have been lucky to travel to many places all over the world. A few captures on posted on this website.

Anthem of the Seas
Anthem of the Seas Royal Caribbean