The Anderson Ferry Commute

Derborah A. Anderson Ferry Boat

For almost 23 years I had days where I would take the Anderson Ferry to and from where I worked. I started taking the ferry further back when traveling around Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. The Anderson Ferry is the westside short cut to CVG Great Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Ohio River Sunrise Crossings

The Anderson Ferry runs two ferries at peak hours in the morning and for evening rush hour. Most of the day from 6AM till 9:45PM the Anderson Ferry carries cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclist and foot traffic since 1817 between Constance Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio Many mornings during my commute I would cross as the sun was rising over the Ohio river. Often allowing mid Ohio river sunrise captures.

My Anderson Ferry Ride Arrives
Ohio River Sunrise Vapors Rising

I miss my early and sometimes evening rides to and from work. There is something special and calming when riding the Anderson Ferry most of the time. Weather can always make the commute interesting. I still keep in touch with the workers and plan to do some morning and evening photography there when I am not in a rush to work.

I know they will be waiting for me since they have been since 1817