The Bridges of Rowe Woods

Avery Run Waterfall Overlook

Rowe Woods Trail Bridges

Along the many trails in CNC Rowe Woods nature center’s trails, you will come across some bridges that span the ravines. Some are short and older, some are long and newer.

Woodland Trail Bridge Spring Time

Misty morning trail bridge, east Rowe Woods.

Many of the pictures are of the same bridges, but at different season of the year.

Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods woodland trails and bridges.

Upgrades trail bridge along the trails in Rowe Woods

Over the many years, the Rowe Woods trails bridges have been transformed from walking bridges. To wider to allow fossil fuel trail runners to be used by the CNC Rowe Woods staff.


Autumn along the trails are special, the bridge is south of the Krippendorf lodge along the trail to Avey run over look.

Heading South Below The Dam Rowe Woods Hiking Trail Bridge

The southern trails in Rowe Woods have ravines that lead to the Avey Run stream that runs through Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods.

Woodlands Shelter

Avery run bridge and over look shelter back in the early 1990s. This picture shows how many Ash trees once populated Rowe Woods and provided shade too much of the forest trails. The EAB killed off most of the Ash Trees in Rowe Woods. It is ironic that the Nature Center logo has Ash Leaves as the featured leaf.

Fresh new expanded trail bridge along the Deer Trace trail.

Not all the bridges along the trails in Rowe Woods are made of wood. This stone bridge leads from the Krippendorf swimming pool to the Krippendorf Lodge.

Lone Hiker On the Trail

First snow footprints on the main bridge leading south from the Powel Crosley Lake area toward the prairies and ponds to the south of the Nature center building and lake in Rowe Woods.

Hikers love the trails and bridges that provide all type of levels of hiking from a novice easy trail walking, to an experienced hiker who likes more challenging trails.

This picture is the Avey Run overlook many years later after the Ash Trees began to fall, and the walking bridge was replaced by a wider motor vehicle trail bride. The few trees have allowed the undergrowth to increase and block the old view of the Avey Run over look area.

East of the Powel Crosley Lake shelter is a bridge that leads towards the Nature center main building. Along the way to pass marsh Pond and forest and fields as to hike the Rowe Woods trails. The picture is during autumn and shows the trees that have been damaged by the Emerald Ash Bore.

Trail Bridge -  Rowe Woods

This is the same trail bridge along the way to Powel Crosley Lake shelter and overlook area. The picture was taken at near dawn using a wide angle lens to capture the mood of early foggy mornings and hiking the Nature center trails.


South of the dam that holds Powel Crosley Lake is the connector trail bridge to the southern part of CNC Rowe Woods where you will find ponds, streams, wildlife and endless Woodland beauty.


Wide angle view looking north toward the Powel Crosley Lake dam and trail that circles around the beautiful lake. This view is as you head to the gift shop and boardwalk along the edge of Powel Crosley Lake to the bird feeder area that overlooks the lake.

The Trail Bridges of Rowe Woods

These are just a few of the many bridges and boardwalks that are all over Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods. I left out the walkways that span the edge of Powel Crosley Lake, as well as the other ones at the many ponds and bodies of water. I plan on a post that will feature the boardwalks in the future.

Hoping you enjoy the pictures of the trail bridges that are in the southern area of Rowe Woods. More captures of other northern Rowe Woods trails bridges will be added to this page. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Dennis Camp, Photographer.

Hot Air Balloon Glows – Dennis Camp Photography

All a Glow - Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon Illumination Glows

To inflate a hot air balloon for a ride or a balloon illumination glow, you first have to get it somewhat inflated before you can add the heat. The first step is a large fan. The cooler the temps, the faster the hot air balloon will inflate to the full size for a glow or ride.

The time it takes to get the balloon out as well as the basket and other items need to inflate the balloon with hot air can take a while. Dan from Touch the Clouds, who does hot air balloon rides as well as the balloon glows for the local area people. It is worth going out to see a hot air balloon glow with all the bright colors that illuminate the night skies. This hot air glow located along the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Touch The Clouds
Inside Touch The Clouds

Coney Island Hot Air Balloon Glow

Inside Outside Hot Air Balloon Glow
Coney Balloon Glow
Coney Balloon Glow Show

The Coney Balloon Glow and Fireworks shows held on the 4th of July weekend on the banks of the Ohio River. The Balloon glow lights up the night once all balloons fully inflated for a stunning show of color. After the hot air balloon show there is an impressive firework show over the Coney Island Lake Como.

Inside Bull Side

July 4th Celebration, Coney Balloon Glow.

Since the Coney Island 4th of July Hot Air Balloon Glow and Fire Works started back around 2008 I went to photograph and capture the inflation process and the final after glow. In the early years I was able to get a lot more pictures with fewer people. The event became popular quickly after the first two years, and it became hard to get nice pictures of the balloons during the inflation without a crowd of people blocking the view. The Coney Island Forth of July Hot Air Balloon Glow along with a great firework show afterwards over Como lake is worth a trip to Coney Island, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Complete photo gallery of Coney Island hot air balloon glows.

Hot Air Balloon Glow Photography
Inside The Beast of a Hot Air Balloon
The Afterglow of the Hot Air Balloon Inflation Process

The Coney Island Balloon Glow starts with the balloon inflation process that takes a lot of time to get the balloon laid out correctly and the basket in proper place. All the bright color hot air balloons in various stages of being prepared for the hot air balloon glow show when it gets dark.

The Coney Island 2022 Balloon Glow will be a hot fun time for all the people who come out for a colorful illumination of hot air balloons glowing around one another lighting up the 4th of July holiday weekend. The Coney Island Hot Air Balloon Glow Show is on July 3rd 2022.

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