Coney Island Hot Air Balloon Glow

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Coney Balloon Glow
Coney Balloon Glow Show

The Coney Balloon Glow and Fireworks shows held on the 4th of July weekend on the banks of the Ohio River. The Balloon glow lights up the night once all balloons fully inflated for a stunning show of color. After the hot air balloon show there is an impressive firework show over the Coney Island Lake Como.

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July 4th Celebration, Coney Balloon Glow.

Since the Coney Island 4th of July Hot Air Balloon Glow and Fire Works started back around 2008 I went to photograph and capture the inflation process and the final after glow. In the early years I was able to get a lot more pictures with fewer people. The event became popular quickly after the first two years, and it became hard to get nice pictures of the balloons during the inflation without a crowd of people blocking the view. The Coney Island Forth of July Hot Air Balloon Glow along with a great firework show afterwards over Como lake is worth a trip to Coney Island, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Complete photo gallery of Coney Island hot air balloon glows.

Hot Air Balloon Glow Photography
Inside The Beast of a Hot Air Balloon
The Afterglow of the Hot Air Balloon Inflation Process

The Coney Island Balloon Glow starts with the balloon inflation process that takes a lot of time to get the balloon laid out correctly and the basket in proper place. All the bright color hot air balloons in various stages of being prepared for the hot air balloon glow show when it gets dark.

The Coney Island 2022 Balloon Glow will be a hot fun time for all the people who come out for a colorful illumination of hot air balloons glowing around one another lighting up the 4th of July holiday weekend. The Coney Island Hot Air Balloon Glow Show is on July 3rd 2022.

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