Candid Street Photography – People and Places

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Cincinnati Street Photography and Beyond

Rider on the Anderson Ferry

Candid street photography has been a favorite style of taking pictures of moments in time. Since I often carry a camera, I like to take pictures of places, and people to document the location frozen in time. I seldom ever use flash photography for street captures. Great pioneers of flash documentary such as Jacob A. Riis slum photography works. Candid street documentary photo journalism.

There are several styles of candid and street type photography. Many are made to document the time and place of a location or person. These photo journalism captures moments in time that live on to remind people what life was like at that moment in life.

Jazz Drummer
Hot Japaneses Steak

There are numerous times I have captured these moments. Travel overseas, and in and around where I live, makes for good candid street photography.

Moments in time people, places, and things are all styles of candid street type photography. From an action, to a still life of the place and moment in time memories.

One Hill After Another, Persist

Cincinnati Street Photography, Mt. Adams

Walking the Seven Hills of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio is built with a downtown area surrounded by seven hills. The Ohio valley area is where Cincinnati is located. The other well known city with seven hills is Rome, Italy. The area has many traditions and a rich cultural history, based in many of the Catholic German and Irish families that once dominated this area. It is not uncommon for people of this area to ask where you went to school, or what Parrish did you grow up in, as part of getting to know a new person.

Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky is where many of the first of the 1849ers from Germany relocated after the vote for unifying the German’s States failed. Some gathered and relocated to Minster, Ohio to start an all German based city.

Cincinnati May Festival is the oldest continuous Choral festivals in the Western Hemisphere. Cincinnati has some of the most beautiful parks and gardens, as well as a historic Spring Grove cemetery. The city is a hidden gem in the Midwest.

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