Abner Hollow Cabin – CNC Rowe Woods

Abner Hollow Cabin - CNC Rowe Woods

Abner Hollow Cabin Changes

This post is to show how the Abner Hollow Cabin located in CNC Rowe Woods was changed over time by the Cincinnati Nature Center board. Like the changing, the original CNC Mission statement and purpose of the Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods. CNC Rowe Woods nature center was once the place where local member neighbors and other members gathered to learn and love nature in its pure form. The board changed the mission into a Disneyesque themed simulated nature place with a broad non-local based mission statement. The changes for some at CNC is better, for many it is not what the Cincinnati Nature Center was all about starting many years ago.

Improved Abner Cabin
Rowe Woods Progress

The above picture is what the cabin looks like after the Simulated Nature Playscape was placed in the field that surrounds where the cabin was relocated from Adams County. The cabin donated by Helen Black, a founding member of the Cincinnati Nature Center. Below is what the primitive Abner Hollow Cabin looked like once rebuilt piece by piece.

Abner Hollow Cabin CNC Rowe Woods
Primitive Abner Hollow Cabin
Abner Hollow Cabin

Primitive Abner Cabin in Rowe Woods Nature Center

Helen Black donated the Abner Hollow cabin which was located in Adams County, Ohio and had it deconstructed, then reconstructed as each item on the structure had been numbered or noted for rebuilding. The cabin once had a family of 13 living in this two room log cabin. Some years ago, I exchanged emails with the family that last lived in the old log cabin.

Abner Hollow Cabin Field
Abner Hollow Cabin Field View

Since I moved next to the Cincy Nature Center, I have documented the changes using my camera and my eyes. I started to visit the nature center many years ago as I traveled out in the Milford, Ohio, Clermont County area. That is one reason I wanted to live next to CNC – Rowe Woods. The quiet area of Union Township with a hybrid of nature center and neighborhood. Now I get to hear wedding reception DJs and music as I watch the wildlife while relaxing on my back deck. Krippendorf Lodge has been turned into a wedding venue.

Primitive Abner Hollow Cabin
Abner Hollow Cabin Sunset

The Cincinnati Nature Center scarped the old master plan that Stan Rowe and the founding members used when starting the Nature Center. The changes to Rowe Woods since that time have not been good in my opinion. Why the architects put a simulated nature playscape in the middle of one huge natural nature play area called Rowe Woods is beyond me. The primitive cabin was improved to fit in with the new nature concept.

The Abner primitive cabin once located in a pristine field just north of the parking lots and Krippendorf Lodge to the south. Just to the west, where the Lotus Pond located. Trails to Rowe Woods and beyond surround this area. As you can see, the Abner Hollow Cabin once sat in a beautiful nature setting with sounding fields. I enjoyed taking pictures of the primitive pioneer cabin in the different seasons. It once had simple beauty, till it was butchered with the construction of the Disneyesque type of nature simulated nature playscape.

Golden Rod – Abner Hollow Cabin Rowe Woods

The Abner primitive pioneer cabin, which is located in Rowe Woods, Milford, Ohio. There are more pictures of the Abner Cabin in winter, also other PBase cabin galleries of early Abner cabin photos. CNC Rowe Woods used to be a pure nature paradise, now gone to progress and money. Pictures of Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods, photography by Dennis Camp

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