Anderson Ferry Since 1817 – Dennis Camp Photography

Boone 7 Sunrise

The Anderson Ferry dates back to 1817 as a crossing area on the Ohio River. The current ferry boats are Boone 7, Deborah A., and Little Boone ferry boat. The Anderson Ferry boat, privately owned company and operated by Paul Anderson. The Anderson Ferry travels across the Big Muddy 364 days a year. Closed on Christmas Day.

I started photographing the Anderson Ferry back in 1996 when I would take it to work in the mornings. Around 2005 I started an Anderson Ferry photography website with an Internet Marketing idea for the Anderson Ferry. At that time it had no website and was a quiet lost Westside Cincinnati, Ohio treasure. The Anderson Ferry is the best shortcut to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Airport CVG from the Westside of Cincinnati.

Anderson Ferry Boat Company

Captain John James
Captain John James of the Anderson Ferry
Boone 7 Morning Sunrise Commute

If you get to the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. You will want to take a ride on the Anderson Ferry. You can get tickets for the Anderson Ferry rides here. The Anderson Ferry runs every day, weather permitting.

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