max and dad
Shelter House Powell Crosley Lake

I began taking pictures many years ago as a kid. First with a Brownie camera, then a Kodiak 110 and later with a Canon AE1-P. A Canon Rebel which broke. My first digital camera an HP315 and HP318 2.0 mp I switched to Nikon Cameras when I went deeper into digital photography.

My love for taking pictures is a obsession. I always carry some sort of camera. For me, photography it is about the light and the moment. *It is not what you see, it is how you see it then capture it that makes a good picture.

I use a Nikon Coolpix P7700, Nikon D70, D200, D700 and D610. I use a multitude of Nikkor Lens I use for most of my work. If you are looking for a natural light photographer for your event, or personal needs. Contact us for details on how we can help you. I also do contract photography for some businesses and charity work..

I hope you enjoy my photographs.
Dennis Camp – Photographer