Bean – Rescued Pup

Bean our new rescued puppy
Bean new family member a rescued dog from SAAP

After the emotional passing of our 12 year old beast dog Custer in January we wanted to rescue another dog. After time to heal we wanted to find a 5 year old 40-50 lbs dog. We kind of wanted a terrier mix. The one we liked was already adopted when we got to see her a month ago. We knew Bean was small but not this small, nor did we know he was only 10 months old and not house trained.

We had to make a choice so after a week of seeing improvement and his stealing Min’s heart and Cooper beginning to enjoy him some what. We chose to keep him and work things out. Dr. Todd said he thought maybe 10 months old and a true Heinz 57 mix of a dog. This was not the plan but sometimes life does not go as planned.

Custer – Beast

Custer On The Day He Passed

In early January Custer was doing fine and all of a sudden he was disoriented and not right. We set and appointment with the vet, he was not showing any pain. He was just looking at us as if he was dying. He was, he was it turns out due to internal bleeding. After we got off the phone with our lawyer we took him to the vet. He was fading fast but helped me get him to the car. Once we got to the vet it took two of us into the room where about 30 minutes later he passed away with his head in Min’s lap as she comforted him out of any pain. The folks at Eastgate Animal Hospital were great through the whole sad process.

Cooper Meets New Family Member

Cooper Hears About A New Friend

So far Cooper has now adjusted to a puppy in the house. Bean has an odd habit of hiding dog biscuits and Cooper is an expert at finding them. We are ensuring Cooper get a lot of attention as well as Bean. They now play together and Cooper can be a puppy at age 12. He know what it is like to be a homeless dog scrapping of the streets to survive.