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Glow, Capture Cincinnati First Book Cover
Capture Cincinnati Book Cover Award – First Edition

It is not what you see, it is how you see it, that makes a good picture…

Honored to earn a few photograph awards for my photography over time. I also enjoy candid work as well. If it moves I take a picture of it, if it does not move I take a picture of it. Enjoying any all all types of photography.The Anderson Ferry is a favorite places to photograph.

There are a some pictures that are from our travels and vacations we or I have taken. We live next to a private nature preserve Rowe Woods and it is often a source for my nature photographs such as leaves, benches and nature.

Praying the Steps

Holy Cross Immaculata Church

Photograph Portfolio

Making Captured Moments In Pictures

Welcome to my vast collection of photographs and links to websites with most of my pictures and compositions.. You will find art in both color and black and white pictures in digital and scan film formats. I am consolidating most of my work to this website gallery Dennis Camp Natural Light Photography

Reaching for a Friend
Reaching for a Friend
Krippendorf Lodge - Rowe Woods
Krippendorf Lodge Photography
The Ridges Lonely
The Ridges

Collection Of Links To Photography Galleries

Balluminaria Balloon Festival – Rowe Woods Photographs
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Dr. William KelsoB&W PhotosLou CampJoRoJen

Photography Based Websites Of Photos of mine over years.

PBaseFred MirandaPhoto.netAminus3 Flickr Shor ParkRowe Woods

Capture Cincinnati Book Cover – Inside Outside

Capture Cincinnati Book Cover Award
First Capture Cincinnati Book Cover

Capture Cincinnati 2007 Cover Photograph
I was honored and gratified to to have my picture “Inside – Out” chosen as the Capture Cincinnati book cover photograph for the first Capture Cincinnati Book. The cover shot has won other awards on Capture Cincinnati 2008 Book award information here.

Words, Award Winning Photos

The winning picture for people “Words” was a moment in time while on vacation with my family. Max had walked up to the wall to read Lincoln’s words and my wife Mindy pointed him out to me. I was surprised he was there all alone since the Lincoln Memorial was very crowed that day do to many of the museums being closed do to flooding. My love of photography meant a camera was in my hand.



max and dad
Documentary Portrait Nature Center

I began taking pictures many years ago as a kid. First with a Brownie camera, then a Kodiak 110 and later with a Canon AE1-P. A Canon Rebel which broke. My first digital camera an HP315 and HP318 2.0 mp I switched to Nikon Cameras when I went deeper into digital photography.

My love for taking pictures is a obsession. I always carry some sort of camera. For me, photography it is about the light and the moment. *It is not what you see, it is how you see it then capture it that makes a good picture.

I use a Nikon Coolpix P7700, Nikon D70, D200, D700 and D610. I use a multitude of Nikkor Lens I use for most of my work. If you are looking for a natural light photographer for your event, or personal needs. Contact us for details on how we can help you. I also do contract photography for some businesses and charity work..

I hope you enjoy my photographs.
Dennis Camp – Photographer

Photograph Gallery

Life In The Big Bend – Dennis Camp Photographer

Christmas Eve Rowe Woods
Celebrity Edge
Let the Music Play
Neon Rails
Powel Crosley Lake
Oasis of the Seas
The Vapors
Changes In Latitude
Low Rider Ohio River Ferry
Krippendorf Lodge – CNC Rowe Woods
Eden Park Hot Air Balloon Glow – Cincinnati, Ohio
The Ridges


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